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January 9, 2023

3 Ways to make sure your video marketing really works

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You collect a lot of statistical data. But which ones are really important?

Can they be considered proof that your video marketing is working?

And how do you evaluate the effectiveness of your investment in video?

3 ways to know for sure what your video is selling

1. The time visitors spend on your site increases.

88% more time a user spends on a site with video. And the longer a visitor spends on your site, the less time they spend on your competitors’ sites. Video helps retain the visitor by increasing their interaction with your product and increasing their loyalty to your brand.

After 72 hours, 68% of the information from the video is stored in the visitor’s memory, and only 10% from the text content.


Pay attention to the moment when the user stops watching your video. If the time spent watching the video and the time spent on the site are the same, then your video is not effective. The video should encourage the viewer to take the next step on your site, so be sure to include a compelling call to action. This way you create the perfect transition to the second measure of video marketing success.

2. Visitors View More Pages

The number of pages viewed shows the extent to which a visitor interacts with your brand. If a visitor views more than one page on your site, it means that he wants to get additional information about products and services, as well as about what your company is like. He interacts more closely with your brand, and the chances that he will remember you when he decides to make a purchase increase. Video helps convert visitors into leads.

The homepage video should provide a quick introduction to your product or service and encourage the visitor to learn more about what you have to offer.

To do this, he goes to the following pages of the site. And here the user should be greeted with more and more new videos, catching him more and more. The visitor dives deeper and deeper, which leads to the third indicator of video marketing success.

3. Conversion rate goes up

Video helps sell products and services better than just text and images. This video effect is confirmed by many years of experience of big and small brands.

For example, online clothing, footwear and accessories store Zappos and blender manufacturer Blendtec started using online video marketing to boost sales in 2008. And both brands immediately noted an increase in sales.

For Zappos, a well-known seller with an established brand and traffic, conversions increased by 6-30% for each product. But their video is a simple overview of the product.

Blendtec took a more original approach and launched a series of videos “Will It Blend?” In which the company’s CEO himself demonstrates the capabilities of his blenders. Over the years, iPhones, drumsticks, marbles and even Star Wars have been in Blendtec’s blender.

This simple yet fun demo of the campaign product increased sales by as much as 500% in the first year.

Ready to start improving all three with video?

Then, first of all, find out the performance of your site at the moment. If you still do not have Google Analytics connected, then create an account and add the tracking code to your site. In a couple of months, you will have data on the time spent, the number of pages viewed, and many other interesting and important statistics.

Start tracking your conversion rate as well. Divide the number of items sold by the number of visitors to that item’s page on your site to get your conversion rate.

Now shoot and paste the video on the site.

Keep in mind the purpose of each particular video.

Make sure the video ends with a call to action.

If you’re shooting a video for the homepage, tell the viewer where they should go next on your site, and make that next step easy to follow.

If you’re creating a video review of a specific product, end it with a reminder that you can add the item to your cart right now.

Like any other marketing project, video marketing needs to be constantly tested and improved. If your video has been on the site for a while and you’ve tested its current performance, start doing more testing. Change the wording of the call to action. Or try changing the intro. And watch the reaction of visitors.

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