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January 9, 2023

Creating a video

Over the last few years, the popularity of video content has increased significantly. With its help you can convey the necessary information to a wide audience. Conventionally, all types of videos can be divided into two large groups – artistic, in which the key role is played by the plot, and animated, which creates motion design.

Ads video Price per video Terms of creation
Corporate video from 750 $ from 14 days
2D animation videos from 550 $ from 14 days
3D Animated logos (paksh) from 170 $ from 14 days
Viral videos from 1 000 $ from 14 days
Promotional videos from 1 000 $ from 14 days
Presentation videos from 1230 $ from 14 days
Advertising videos from 7 100 $ from 14 days
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Table of contents

Video creation: features

Videos are actively used by both large companies and owners of their own blogs or channels on social networks. Such content may be promotional, educational, social, cognitive or any other type of content. The duration of the video depends on the purpose for which it is used. It is advisable to use short videos of up to two minutes to attract new customers, business partners or advertising. But in some cases it is permissible to use the material for up to several hours.

The main goal of any video is to convey the information contained in it to the target audience in the simplest and most concise way. You can create a high-quality product using advanced equipment, such as movies and DSLR equipment, as well as software. This allows you to make images bright, reduce noise, and, if necessary, improve the color of the picture.

How much is the video?

The cost of video content directly depends on the complexity of the project. When calculating the price should take into account such factors as:

  • Duration. The longer the video, the more expensive it will cost, because in this case, operators, sound engineers, editors will work much longer than if the video lasts less than two minutes.
  • Preparation. Before you start working on video, you need to carefully study market trends. Half the success of any video depends on a well-thought-out concept and a well-written script.
  • Shooting. It includes preparatory work – site selection, delivery of equipment, scenery. The cost of the entire project is affected by the number of filming days.
  • Features of the project. The price is influenced by the number of actors involved in the video, the presence of special effects, as well as props, as well as the conditions under which the shooting will take place.
  • Payment of fees. All the people involved in creating the video need to pay a salary (it depends on the professionalism of the people, as well as the number of hours they work).

Video creation: professionalism and experience

The company Alpina Production is a true professional in the field of video content of any complexity. Our team consists of specialists of different profiles with the necessary knowledge and practical skills. This allows us to shoot videos of any complexity at a high level.

For many years we have been successfully working with customers from many cities of Ukraine, and are always ready to cooperate with customers from abroad. Our cooperation always begins with the signing of a formal agreement, which clearly stipulates the price of the video and the timing of its implementation. After completion of all stages, we transfer to the customer:

  • all footage is source;
  • finished video, after editing and post-production in Full HD format.

In the process of working on the creation of video content, we always consult with the customer at all stages, if necessary, make changes. Our team always listens to all the wishes and ideas of customers and tries to make them a reality. We guarantee an individual approach to everyone. Despite the fact that we offer the most affordable prices for video production in Ukraine, we guarantee the high quality of all services provided.