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January 9, 2023

Educational videos

Educational videos are one of the types of popular video content, the main task of which is to convey to the audience a large amount of necessary information. It is used in many industries, including owners of large companies. Videos allow the consumer to demonstrate the features of a product or service. Also, educational content is used to teach new employees something.

Ads video Price per video Terms of creation
Corporate video from 750 $ from 14 days
2D animation videos from 550 $ from 14 days
3D Animated logos (paksh) from 170 $ from 14 days
Viral videos from 1 000 $ from 14 days
Promotional videos from 1 000 $ from 14 days
Presentation videos from 1230 $ from 14 days
Advertising videos from 7 100 $ from 14 days
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Table of contents

Educational video screencast: what is important to know?

The main task of such content is to convey a certain algorithm of actions to a wide audience. This may be information about the use of certain skills or a detailed demonstration of the implementation of a process. In the modern world, educational videos are used not only for educational purposes, but also in various areas of marketing, creativity and management.

The combination of the visual component with the overlay of audio allows you to absorb information much faster. In addition, instructional videos can be used to demonstrate how programs work. In this case, a screencast is used (this is when the screen of the device is shown in the video, where the work with the software is shown in detail).

Training videos can be additionally equipped with computer animation, which will significantly increase the memorability of the information presented in the video. And with the help of a professional presenter, you can make content that can be used for demonstration at open lessons or lectures. You can tell more about how to act in certain situations with the help of a role-playing video.

Creating a training video: how does it work?

To create content, it is necessary to attract a professional team with the necessary equipment. Work on a training video consists of several stages, namely:

  • Idea. The team discusses with the customer what should be included in the video. The concept of the project is jointly determined, and the entire list of tasks is discussed.
  • Scenario. The work on the script is carried out on the basis of the information received earlier.
  • Training. Before shooting, you need to decide on the location, deliver additional equipment (lighting, scenery) to the place. At this stage, the selection of actors takes place.
  • Shooting. Operators work on site and shoot according to a previously agreed plan.
  • Treatment. The finished material can be further processed. We are talking about the imposition of musical accompaniment and scoring, as well as the implementation of editing. Image quality can be improved by color correction.

What will affect the cost of the training video?

It is extremely difficult to name the minimum prices for this type of content, because the final price depends on many factors. The main ones are:

  1. Roller length. The longer the video, the more expensive it is. This is due to the fact that the operators, the director and other specialists will need to do much more work.
  2. Feed features. 2 and 3D computer graphics can be used to create content. In some cases, professional actors can be involved in the filming.
  3. Workload. Large-scale projects require the involvement of a large number of specialists, including operators, editors, artists. Also, the final cost will be affected by the need to use additional lighting.
  4. Treatment. You can improve the finished video with the help of color correction. It will be possible to make it more interesting by using special effects, as well as graphics and animation. But you will need to pay extra for this.
  5. Production time. Projects with tight deadlines are significantly more expensive, because they require additional staff and work overtime.

Why can we be trusted?

You can order educational video screencasts by contacting Alpina Production. We have been working in the market for the production of video content of various types for many years and we know all the nuances of working in this area. We guarantee that the video you receive will demonstrate the advantages of the company or brand, increase the conversion of the site and be able to interest a large audience.

In order to order our services, you can call our office at the numbers listed on the site. Our experts will provide you with advice, orient you at current prices for video services and similarly tell you about the conditions of cooperation with us. We are waiting for calls!