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January 9, 2023

Video clip editing

After the video material is completely filmed, the editing process begins. During it, the finished content is processed. The video is connected to each other in order to get the finished video sequence. For this, professional software is used, for example, video editors.

Ads video Price per video Terms of creation
Corporate video from 750 $ from 14 days
2D animation videos from 550 $ from 14 days
3D Animated logos (paksh) from 170 $ from 14 days
Viral videos from 1 000 $ from 14 days
Promotional videos from 1 000 $ from 14 days
Presentation videos from 1230 $ from 14 days
Advertising videos from 7 100 $ from 14 days
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Table of contents

What do you need to know about video editing?

Installation is carried out by a specialized specialist who knows how to work with modern programs and has the necessary work experience. During editing, the previously captured video is processed, which allows you to get ready-made material that can be used for broadcast on television or on computer monitors.

You can entrust the installation process to the specialists of the company Alpina Production. These are real professionals who are able to make any video series brighter and more attractive. In the course of work, it will be possible to change the color of video materials, if necessary, add additional graphic elements. To do this, they will use the latest hardware and software.

But in addition to experienced and highly qualified editors, our team includes leading motion designers. With their help, any video content can be made more interesting and creative, as they can offer unique video processing options. For our customers, we are ready to offer several types of installation:

  • Technical. We are talking about creating content such as titles, splash screens.
  • Art. In this case, photographs can be added to the video sequence, professional voice acting can be superimposed.

The main stages of installation

Video production is a time-consuming process that requires special care. Conventionally, it can be divided into several stages, each of which is carried out by a team of professionals.

  • Introduction to the project. Before starting, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the terms of reference in detail, if there are any nuances, then clarify them with the client.
  • Planning. It must include all the points that should be included in the video content. At this stage, a contract is concluded with the company, which clearly indicates the deadlines.
  • Shooting. There is a professional video shooting video.
  • Mounting. Through the use of hardware and software, editors edit the footage.
  • Examination. The team working on the project is reviewing the finished product with the client. If there are comments, corrections are made.
  • Post-production. With it, you can correct (change) the color of the video, as well as add effects if necessary, and overlay professional voice acting.
  • Opening work. The final version of the video is shown to the customer and the service is paid for.

What are we ready to offer?

Our company Alpina Production has been working in the field of video content creation for several years. We are approached by clients from all over Ukraine, and we also work with clients from abroad. Most often, content is ordered from us, the main task of which is to attract new customers and partners. We have extensive experience in such areas as the creation of:

  • video for the holidays;
  • filming content for blogs;
  • support of events;
  • presentation video about the company or brand.

Today we are ready to offer the most affordable cost for installation services. But at the same time, we guarantee that all work will be performed professionally and efficiently. The total cost will depend directly on the total amount of work to be done, as well as on the duration of the finished video. In order to start cooperation with Alpina Production, just contact us by phone or leave a request on the website.