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January 9, 2023

Promotional video for a workwear manufacturer

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The goal of our team was to create a promotional video for a Ukrainian manufacturer of workwear. It was necessary to demonstrate the quality characteristics of the products, as well as the ease of use. At the request of the customer, the shooting of the advertising video was to take place in a real furniture workshop, with working machines and equipment.

Roller concept

We offered to shoot a video based on a musical composition of technical noises. This was a good idea for advertising workwear, given the harsh and dirty working conditions in workshops, workshops, etc. We talked with the composer about the idea of ​​the project and immediately received several options for audio tracks to choose from.

Casting and preparation

For filming, we decided to select four actors with an age of 30 years. Three were professional, and one of them was a real master with a working specialization. The location was analyzed with the producer, director, cameraman, and gafer, lighting and filming equipment were selected. The time of shooting was agreed with the administration of the company and the suspension of production for the duration of the shooting process was approved.

Shooting process

The producer led the organization of the shooting process. Everything was planned to be completed in a few hours. Lighting, make-up and actors arrived an hour before filming. The actors did a fitting of overalls, shoes, protective gloves and other things. The illuminators worked hard on the location, created a uniform temperature and placed accents on the lighting. Sound was installed on the set, like on the set of a music video. This decision helped both in the filming process – the actors moved in the right rhythm, understood their tasks better, and during the video editing, when the footage could be easily combined with the original track. The shooting also involved an expert in woodworking technology, who, in especially dangerous cases, acted as an understudy.


After shooting the commercial, we started working on the footage. At the same time, the process of selecting the style of graphics and fonts was organized. In the course of creating text graphics, we decided to add additional internoises to the appearance of text on the screen to enhance the effect. In the process, several comical episodes were filmed. The final montage included two moments, with a cup of coffee, and also with a cuff from the foreman. To keep viewers interested, these scenes were placed evenly in the middle and end of the video.

In order to accentuate the ultra-technological specificity of the clothes, it was decided to pointwise add the “glitch” effect (from the English Glitch), which, in turn, corresponded to the style of our musical composition. The audio track itself at the editing stage was subject to some changes to emphasize the visual range. All sounds in the music are recorded separately and are not related to the filming process, which made it possible to save time on the set. Most of the sounds in the video correspond to real instruments, some of the sounds had to be simply removed or replaced, as they sounded unmusical and ugly.

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