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January 9, 2023

How much does it cost to make a video?

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Get high-quality video without intermediaries and overpayments based on a thorough analysis of your business and target audience with a 100% guarantee of quality and timing!

We do not just shoot videos, our goal is to make business promotion a simple, comfortable and effective tool for you.

How we are working

1. Project discussions, project information, examples

You can contact us by phone, e-mail / mail, leave a request on the site.
You provide us with information about your product or service that will help us understand what the video will be about.

2. Discussion of the contract and prepayment

After the example is approved. You make an advance payment of 75%.

3. Create a video

Based on the information provided, we compose a text for the speaker and, if necessary, translate the text into a foreign language.
You approve the text and choose the voice of the announcer for your video.

Work examples :

Promotional video for bank4you

Promotional video for the Baldinelli chain of stores

Promotional video for Karat LTD

Promotional video for the residential complex “Milyye kvartiry”

Feedback from our clients:

Guys, we made an excellent promotional video for our IMPERIA Advertising Company, which we proudly show on the website and promote through social networks. Done quickly and efficiently at an affordable price. I recommend!

Konstantin Khafizov

We are shooting a guide on men’s haircuts for our hairdresser. We do 3 episodes a week and we are not going to stop there. As for the video, when we were just starting to work – we shot the first video “Brad Pitt’s haircut in the movie Fury” and immediately scored more than 60,000 views – then confidence only entrenched. It’s good when words are backed by results.

Dmitry Verkhovetsky

Faced with the need to create a presentation video for our hookah bar. Most of the firms “beat” the prices for the primitive, with Eduard they agreed on the price for a good 3-minute video.

Ekaterina Lygan, Art Director – Opium Lounge Hookah bar

The task was to attract the attention of the visitor, plus a brief walk through all the areas of our halls. It was necessary to show the space and attractiveness of the gym, group exercise rooms, and martial arts rooms. Everything was shot very “tasty”, bright and most importantly dynamic! The cost of the promotional video was very pleased. I will advise!

Andrey Butov
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