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January 9, 2023

How to write a script for a sales video

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If you decide to make an advertising video for your product or service, this article will offer you one of the most effective options for creating a selling scenario.

So, you want to create a script for a video that would inform the consumer about the product in a couple of minutes, without getting tired and eventually motivating him to take the necessary action – download the trial version, register on the website, make a preliminary order, etc.


First, think over and formulate the problem that the consumer will come to you to solve. In the video, you should offer a solution to your prospect’s problem. The video should be based on a problem and a demonstration of its solution. Nobody is interested in why your product is special or why it is better than a million other superfoods like it. You are obliged to convince the user that HIS PROBLEM is solved by THIS method with the help of THIS tool. All that remains for the user to do is come and get this tool.

Conclusions: Focus on problem solving and benefits, not performance. Sell a hole in the wall, not a drill.


Once you’ve figured out WHAT to say to your audience, it’s time to choose HOW to say it.

We recommend dividing the scenario into 5 logical sequential blocks: Fixation – Distraction – Command – Leaving – Stop (abbreviation – FOCUS, the term is taken from NLP).

Let’s take a closer look at each of these stages.


In the first few seconds of the video, you need to attract and fix the viewer’s attention. A message like “Solve your problem with our product or service” is ideal for this.

If the problem is really important for the viewer, he will delay and watch at least the next twenty seconds of the video.


NLP experts say, “divert your mind and the unconscious remains open to your commands.” If, after fixing the attention, you show the viewer some kind of truism (an indisputable fact), then the level of trust in the video will increase.

Next, you need to fix the viewer’s interest and analyze in detail the problem, for the solution of which he came to you.

The second option is to demonstrate the ideal image of what the consumer could have.


When the consumer has already understood that the indicated problem coincides with his problem, it’s time to demonstrate to him the solution, which is your product. A high-quality logo, a few words of text informing about the benefits of the product is what you need at this stage. Now the viewer is aware that his problem is completely solvable, and we can only demonstrate how. For these purposes, screencasts are usually used that demonstrate specific user actions. It is important that all steps are as simple and straightforward as possible. If you have a stage in your product where you need to perform 150 actions, try to bypass it, do not focus on it. Important: the path to solving the problem should be short (3-4 steps) and simple.

A selling video is not a Talmud, there should not be lengthy instructions on how to apply the product.


That’s it, your client: he has already figured out what to do to solve his problem. Now we need to distract him, give him a little rest, create a small emotional pause. Here it is recommended to tell about the features of the product, about the various useful features offered by the product.

To create a transition before the motivating ending, do not forget to summarize the solution to the problem and inform the consumer about the benefits obtained from the use of the product: thus, “our product will not only solve your problem, but will also allow you to get these benefits.”


The last moments of the video should motivate the user to take the action you need: go to the website, download the trial version, buy the product, register, leave a review, fill out the order form, contact the manager, etc.

The script is now ready. It remains only to shoot a high-quality video on it, which will attract you thousands of visits, downloads, registrations and further down the list.

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