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January 9, 2023

How Video Reviews Affect Online Shoppers' decision-making

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Boosting online store sales with video

Video testimonials are a great way to drive traffic and increase conversions on your landing page. In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can use user-generated video content as a powerful marketing tool.

Video reviews are becoming more and more popular.

A large number of reviews helps to increase the credibility and credibility of your site. Reviews allow you to learn more about a successful product, its key features, both positive and negative. This helps reduce the fear visitors may have about your site and the products you sell. According to the Etail Group, 89% of internet users say that reviews influence their purchasing decision. Online stores often use text reviews, for example, they broadcast feedback feeds from resources such as Yandex.Market. And this indirectly increases the conversion rate, but the use of video content can bring even more impressive results.

The power of video reviews

The words of your customers can be even more compelling if they are presented in the form of a video. 89% of users become more positive about purchasing a product after watching a video review. People also trust videos more as they are harder to fake. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. In addition, visual information is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than textual information.

If you collect video testimonials, this can also be useful for promoting your site in search engines. Video content is 52 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google organic search results than text content, so video testimonials can be useful for your SEO campaign as well.

This affects SEO metrics in the following way: video views increase the length of time users spend on your landing page. The depth of viewing also increases, the percentage of failures decreases. In general, there is an improvement in behavioral factors!

How to collect video reviews?

The collection process might look like this:

You send your customers an invitation to leave their review.
The client records and uploads the video.
The client adds a title and description.
Feedback is sent for review.
The client receives a letter of thanks (other options: a discount on a purchase in a promotional code video, a certificate for a certain amount) – by e-mail.
The client receives confirmation of the publication of his review.

Integration of video reviews

For maximum impact, it’s important that you post testimonials on the most relevant landing pages. Testimonials-only landing pages are useful if you want the user to be able to view all of your videos. It will be more convenient for users if you organize this content into separate categories (i.e. dresses, shoes, jackets, etc.).

However, keep in mind that a review for any product posted on the description page of the product itself will work best.

Positive reviews seen at the time of checkout can also boost conversions to a large extent. For example, Monarch Airlines recorded a 3.01% increase in revenue as well as a 2.94% increase in total ticket bookings when reviews were placed below the shopping list in a customer’s shopping cart.

Email marketing

Video testimonials can be used in email marketing campaigns to drive the action you want from potential customers; for example, watching a video or clicking on a link.

If you want to promote a specific product offer, why not include relevant video testimonials? This will increase the credibility of your offer and may increase your click-through rate (CTR).

Advanced snippets

Featured snippets are another way to harness the power of video reviews. This is a type of page markup that can help search engines understand and index the site’s content. It should be noted that you first need to place a video review on the site and only then perform the appropriate manipulations with the page.

Social cues

Videos are an integral part of the content shared on social media. Videos are shared 1.2% more than links and text combined. According to Pew Research, 73% of internet users rely on social media to connect with friends, colleagues and family. In addition, 53% of Twitter users recommend a product in their tweets.

In light of all this, it becomes clear how important it is to promote positive customer reviews through social media. These social signals can boost your brand reputation.


If your users upload interesting video testimonials, chances are they will go viral and promote your brand. Laughing Woman Wearing a Chewbacca Mask is one recent example of how a video review can become so popular that millions see it.

Number of reviews

In the case of reviews, the key factor is their volume. Feel free to send buyers an offer to make a video review immediately after purchase and you can accumulate a huge number of them!

We do not recommend encouraging the production of positive video reviews in exchange for gifts and other incentives! Get creative and encourage any kind of video feedback: positive, negative, eccentric, creative or funny.

For example, you could run a competition for the most creative video review with the most “likes” on Facebook. The reward in this case will be awarded for the popularity of the video, and not for the fact that the client left a favorable review.

Remember that in video reviews and video reviews, maximum honesty is important, and not “praising” the product. People are well aware that every product has its flaws, and buyers have a willingness to put up with certain flaws – and it’s better to voice it. Then the buyer has the opportunity to make the right choice and remain loyal to your brand!


Video testimonials can help drive more traffic to your site through search engines and social media. Video testimonials will help you gain customer trust and you will see a significant increase in conversions!

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