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January 9, 2023

How to use videos at different stages of the sales funnel?

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By using high-quality videos that are appropriate for each stage of the sales funnel, you seem to accompany potential customers on the path from acquaintance with the product to purchase (and even after).

Most companies simply post a video on their home page and believe that this is enough. But, in fact, this is only the very beginning.

Videos can be used to present and humanize your brand, educate customers, showcase your happy customers, and more.

As with other marketing tools, you must have a long-term strategy to ensure you get the most out of your efforts. Creating quality video content on a regular basis is a very real challenge for many companies.

Not everyone creates good videos, and even on an ongoing basis, so if you create good videos, and even have a long-term plan of action, you quickly stand out from your competitors.

Your customers go through 3 stages to make a purchase:

  • Awareness of the problem.
  • Study of options for solving the problem.
  • Decision to buy a product.

Let’s take a look at how you can apply video to each stage of your sales funnel.

Steeluz workwear promotional video

Animation video for Broadlink

Top of the funnel

At the top of the funnel (awareness stage), there are customers who know about a problem or know they have a need, but are not yet ready to make a purchase. At this stage, you are not trying to sell your product or show how it works. Your goal is to teach and entertain. Video content at the top of the funnel may include the following.

Instructional videos

These are videos that can be interesting and useful to your potential clients. Such as: “How to convince a business owner that his company needs a video” or “How to engage users with a video in 10 seconds.”

You need to post such content not only on your blog, but also on social networks. These videos should be useful and your viewers should feel comfortable sharing them with their friends and family.

Branded videos

Branded content is entertainment content. The purpose of such a video is not to make a sale. In fact, in this video, your brand may only be mentioned from afar. These can be “why” and “what” videos.

Why videos focus on emotion and the potential benefits of your product or service, and since emotion is an important part of the buying process, they are the perfect way to direct potential customers in the direction you want them to look.

But videos on the topic “what” are more practical and inform about the product itself and the options for its use.

The middle part of the funnel

At this stage, your prospective clients start exploring different options. They understand that they have an unmet need and are looking for possible options to satisfy it. Ideally, the useful, entertaining content that you bring them to their attention at the top of the funnel will help ensure that you are the market leader now that customers are starting to seriously consider buying.

Explainer videos

The most popular type of video used at this stage is explainer videos (homepage videos or video reviews, etc.). Explainer videos are used to inform about your company, product or service in 2 minutes or less. It can be a video with the participation of real people or an animated video, but they usually all correspond to the classic formula: problem, solution, principle of operation, call to action.

Explainer videos are great because they compress the information you need, which can be the subject of complex discussion, down to 1 or 2 minutes.

You can easily find them on the home page or on the competitor’s product page, and oftentimes these videos are very helpful in keeping your salespeople busy.

Brand history videos

A brand story video mentions your product or service, but focuses more on who you are, as a company, and what you work for – what is your mission statement. They consist almost entirely of interviews with key employees and stakeholders in your company. The goal is to make your brand image more human, show the team of professionals behind it, and help potential customers align with your goal and mission.

Promotional video for Polimin

Promotional video for bank4you

The bottom of the funnel

At the bottom of the funnel, your prospects are finally ready to make a decision. They know about their needs, have studied various options for satisfying it, and now it’s time to make a choice. This is the moment when your video content can become even more detailed and specific, focusing on why your product or service is the perfect choice. Some of the content options in this final phase include:

Customer reviews or cases

When a potential client is ready to make a decision, he often looks for some kind of social confirmation to get rid of the worry that he might make the wrong choice. At this point, customer testimonials or case studies (cases) can be very helpful.

Customer stories are videos that tell the story of one or more of your customers and how they use your product or service.

Unlike a text review, a video allows potential customers to see how your existing customers are using your product or service. Well, to see is to believe.

Demo video and answers to questions

The demo video is a demonstration of how your product or service works. For most companies, demo videos can reduce support calls, saving time and resources.

You can also post a video in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of your site. These videos should provide answers to the most popular questions of future customers about your products or services.

Beyond the funnel

After a prospect becomes a real client, there are many creative methods to teach and motivate them with video. For example, use videos to help consumers learn about new service options and how to use them. Any company can use the video to introduce new customers to their team members and keep them updated on new developments 1-2 times a year.

Recruiting with video

Many companies use video to recruit the best candidates, to support and inform their team. The possibilities are endless and limited only by the flight of your creativity.


By using high-quality videos that are appropriate for each stage of the sales funnel, you seem to accompany potential customers on the path from acquaintance with the product to purchase (and even after). This is why just one video is not enough for the entire sales cycle. At the same time, you can attract attention to yourself, create the desired image, establish and strengthen a relationship with a client – and all this with the help of video. And we at Alpina Production are ready to take on the entire process of creating videos with pleasure.

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