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January 9, 2023

What to do to make the video want to watch?

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Need to be interested

In the first 2-3 seconds of a video clip, a person decides whether to continue watching it or not. It is this period of time that is the most important; without it, everything else loses its meaning. Here are some tools to keep your audience interested:

  • Intrigue. Add an intriguing question, fact or other in the first seconds of the video.
  • Sound hook. To make the viewer distracted and pay attention to you, you can create a sound effect, a call, a signal, and so on.
  • visual row. It can be a non-standard camera plan, motion design, rainbow transfusion and anything else. The main task is to pay attention.

Because Today, most people have developed “advertising blindness”, these techniques are especially important, otherwise you simply will not be noticed.

Fascinate with history

It doesn’t matter if it’s a short video clip or a long one, it should be based on a story. People from ancient times love to listen to stories, this tradition has appeared since the time when it was customary to gather around the fire. In order for your story to captivate and make the viewer watch it to the end, there are a number of simple rules that, by the way, are also used in dramaturgy:

  • Who is the hero, what is he?
  • What does the hero want, where does he go? What happens if this doesn’t happen? If nothing special happens, then the story is bad and not interesting to watch.
  • Who or what is hindering the hero? For the story to be interesting, the hero must have a strong opponent / enemy / antagonist. It can be either a villain or simply forces of nature, for example, a strong hurricane. In the absence of serious interference, when the hero is given everything easily and simply, the story becomes uninteresting. The viewer likes to watch the content where serious deeds and feats take place, only in this case the audience gets the desired “experience” from viewing

Here is an example of what we did at Edpit agency a couple of years ago. The task was to make a promotional video for a network of men’s hairdressers. Since the target audience was purely male, we chose an athlete from American football for the image of a brutal guy. In order to interest the viewer, we placed the football team in an urban environment. Thus, the viewer had the question “what are they doing here?”. You can see how it all ended and how we connected the sport with the barbershop in this video:

Make it shorter

Every time Winston Churchill was informed that his speech would be shortened, he asked for more time to prepare. And the truth is, the less time for the timing of the video, the more difficult it is to pack all the information.

Unfortunately, many companies still release long videos about themselves, industries, etc. But the truth of life is that the shorter the commercial you make, the more people will watch it to the end. Here are some recommendations on this matter:

  • Keep your video clip to a minimum.
  • If you have several directions / products, then it is best to make separate videos for each.
  • If you have a lot of directions, don’t go too deep, the viewer won’t remember anyway.

In the work of Edpit agency, we sometimes practice such a method as “without which the meaning will not change?”. We sit down to look at the rough cut and start deleting all the scenes, without which the essence will not change. The viewer is not stupid, showing him a jar of jam, and then bread with jam – he will understand that there was a spread between scenes. The same can be done in 90% of cases of all commercials, whether it’s IT or shoe making.

Remove “advertising”, add life

Some advertising producers are seriously sure that we talk to you in life using the words: innovation, reliability, instead of new, cool, high. For the most part, such advertising is created for several reasons:

  • The company has an excellent student syndrome, it is afraid of appearing “different” in the eyes of consumers.
  • The company believes that its customers are consumers, not people.
  • The company has not yet formed a strategy, therefore, it uses an inanimate advertising language in communications “like everyone else”, because it’s supposedly safe. Although in reality it is a waste of money for another inconspicuous advertising.
  • The company has not studied its audience, does not live its life.

In the era of high-speed internet, brands need to create engaging and lively content. This is the only way a brand can count on emotions from people in its direction. If there are no emotions for the brand, then sooner or later, without a twinge of conscience, the client will change your company for competitors.

An example of how you can weave slang words from life into an advertisement for such a serious business as selling real estate:

It is also important to consider and control the degree of sterility in your advertising. Most advertisements do not resonate in the heart of the viewer, because the videos have nothing to do with life, and therefore are not true. Here are some points advertisers often make:

  • Housewives in evening make-up.
  • Singing from using shampoo/cough suppressant (substitute the correct product).
  • The characters in the ad laugh from a poured glass of beer\discount of 10 kopecks\brand promotions.

Whatever depths and insights you conquer in advertising, but after a series of such “non-living” oversights, the viewer will be skeptical. Smart brands create ads that the audience believes in. This approach creates the right emotional connection between a person and a brand.

Test, would you like to share this?

Your idea has little chance of success if, after being told to a colleague, it does not generate interest. One of the criteria for a good script is the desire to share such a story with friends. To simplify, there are two options for the reasons when a person wants to share content with friends:

  • Emphasize your wit. Funny videos are included here.
  • Emphasize your education and all-round development.

If your advertisement falls under one of these points, then it has every chance not only to be watched to the end, but to become viral.


An ordinary person sees several thousand advertising messages a day, but if you ask any of us what ads you remember yesterday, few people will remember even 1-2 pieces. Our task with you is to create advertising not just memorable, but also one that you want to share. Brands that do “like everyone else”, “not to be judged” and “not to be ridiculed” are doomed to go unnoticed. In other words, the advertising budget goes down the drain. Today it is not enough to say that “our product is of high quality” only bold advertising solutions have a chance of success.

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