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January 9, 2023

Animated Marketing Video- 5 Trends for the Future

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Animated marketing video is one of the best ways to keep website visitors interested.

No wonder it is becoming an increasingly popular marketing campaign tool. Video saves the site visitor time and effort and allows you to quickly convey your main advantages to him.

High-quality computer animation is the future. Well, since the future is already here, here are 5 tips for those who create their first animated marketing video.

1. The popularity of whiteboard animation is rapidly declining.

Whiteboard animation has, in fact, already become somewhat of a cliché. In 2007, a far-sighted person discovered the wonders of whiteboard video. It’s so easy: you just need to draw on a white board in front of the camera! But whiteboard animation is not only good for its simplicity, it also has a hypnotic effect.

A well-made video captivates viewers. After all, it is so interesting to watch how an idea appears, develops and, finally, completely forms on an initially empty board.

There is one problem with innovation. Once they become popular, everyone starts using them. In the blink of an eye, an excess of the same type and primitive explanatory videos appears, crowding out quite noteworthy content.

Viewers get bored of seeing the same thing over and over again, especially if those videos aren’t that great.

Whiteboard animation is gradually fading into oblivion.

When was the last time you saw a video like this go viral on Facebook? That’s it! Someday, maybe, whiteboard animation will become popular again.

But not today.

2. 3D animation is gaining popularity

Instead of continuing to use whiteboard animation, better look to the future 3D animated video looks better and is more accessible than ever.

Plus, you don’t have to hire Pixar to tell the world your compelling story, which means 3D might be just what you need.

Some business concepts are better suited to 3D video than others. So, using cartoon characters rendered in 3D makes the most sense for a business with a physical product.

Also, 3D animation allows you to create a realistic prototype of your vision. Throughout the video, the viewer observes the interaction with other objects just as they would in real life (or you can offer them some unusual spectacle).

Even if your product prototype still exists on the drawing board, 3D animation can bring it to life.

This allows your customers to see the product in action before it gets real!

3. Create different versions of the same video for different platforms

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to pay to produce one video and then use it on all your online platforms.

There are many ways to present your video to potential clients, and you should maximize the effectiveness of your video by adapting it to each of the platforms on which it will be presented.

For example, a video hosted on your site might be 60-120 seconds long. In it, you can provide detailed information about your product in an interesting way and give your customer a complete understanding of how your business can help them.

But such a lengthy video will never be as effective on a social media platform like Facebook. The fact is that people on Facebook scroll through an endless news feed while chatting with their friends and family members, see a variety of sponsored content and maybe, just maybe, they want to get some valuable information from you.

Well, since Facebook automatically plays videos with muted audio, these videos hook viewers with short, punchy slogans.

The goal is to grab the attention of social media users scrolling through the news feed. If you manage to grab their attention with your short video, then you should convince them to go to the longer presentation on your site for more information (after all, that’s what you want from them, right?) .

The good news is that once you have the original version of the video, it takes minimal effort to create edited versions that are tailored specifically for the various platforms you want to distribute them on.

A good videographer can edit and modify their material to maximize its potential.

4. Development of video design for viewing on mobile devices

We have already said that the thoughts of Facebook users are distracted by many things. But you should also know that most of them view their news feed on mobile devices (in fact, 65% of Facebook video views are on mobile devices).

Your animated video may be short, catchy, informative, and look great on a large computer screen, but how will it look on a 15 cm smartphone screen?

If you have no idea about this, then you should rethink your video marketing strategy.

In order for your video to look spectacular on a mobile phone screen, it should use a large, bold font to display text, and the text information itself should be, as they say, to the point.

Forget about full sentences, no more than 3-5 words should appear on the screen, conveying information in such a way that it is understandable to any individual who is not distinguished by an outstanding mind.

The video must also be simple. No small movements. No action in the corners of the screen. People don’t want to strain their eyes, they want your message to be intuitive.

The beauty of an animated video is that it does it all well and almost automatically.

Text phrases are short and bold, a well-drawn cartoon character takes the center of the screen and delivers your message with a childlike spontaneity that can amaze the most jaded adult.

5. Use your video characters in your other campaigns.

Creating a powerful, dynamic animation character is a lot of work.

Therefore, once you have a cartoon company mascot that your audience is literally in love with, it makes sense to try to get as much benefit from it as possible.

Just as you would create social media versions of your video, you can take your character and put them in a photo or even put them into a physical form at no tangible cost (there are plenty of companies in the world willing to make a costume based on your mascot design). ).


It is always costly to produce the first animated video. After the central character is created, the voice for dubbing is chosen and your message is perfected, everything becomes much easier.

Keep creating and inventing with what you already have. You will soon be amazed at how successful your video marketing campaign is and how little effort it has cost you!

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