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January 9, 2023

How to use video for business.

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1. Increased sales from your site

The video will have a double effect: firstly, traffic growth, as search engines rank pages with video content higher in search results. Secondly, the conversion of the site will increase, which means you will have more orders. Product videos increase the likelihood of orders by 85% (according to Internet Retailer). For example, you have an online shoe store and you want to order a video. Conversion from visitors to orders is 10%. By placing a video clip on the page, the possibility of orders will increase by 85%. As a result, 10% * 1.85 = 18.5%, i.e. conversion almost doubles from 10% to 18.5%.

2. Assistance to managers at meetings

We all make mistakes, including our sales managers: once again informing about the company, they may miss some important details. . A clear voice-over and visual demonstration will create an energetic and positive mood in the meeting.

3. Increasing coverage of consumers

Today, the use of videos offline is still relevant: on television, on panels in shopping centers, on the screens of minibuses. In contrast to Internet resources, placement on offline sites is paid.

Recommendation: spend at least 20% of the advertising budget on video creation; it is better to allocate less funds for publication, but promote a video of higher quality. By quality, we mean that the script of the video clip and its structure should be thought out from the point of view of marketing, not just direction.

4. Attracting investments or pre-orders from customers

A 3D-animated video will allow you to demonstrate the product in a high-quality way and get the support of investors and customers. It will help those who need to advertise a complex service or a new product on the market; show investors a visual example of a project, whether it is real estate or an innovative invention.

5. To present services or services

Have you created a useful service or mobile application for Android or iOS, and you want it to become popular among users? A dynamic, memorable video presentation will suit you. Also, users willingly share interesting content with each other.

6. Advertise the product on YouTube

The viral video is posted on social networks and YouTube. In this case, it’s best to run pre-roll ads before other YouTube videos. This requires special conditions: the commercial should be like an “explosion”, short, bright, interesting.

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