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August 12, 2023


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A synopsis is a brief retelling of the plot of a literary or cinematic work that is used to present its key aspects. In the form of a short text, a synopsis highlights the main events, main characters, and conveys the main idea of the work. A publisher makes a decision to publish a book or make a movie based on a synopsis.

If the publisher is interested in the synopsis, you can expect that the work will soon be on sale. Therefore, a well-written summary of the novel is half the battle.

Some writers start creating a book with a synopsis, while others write it separately. Despite the fact that a synopsis is short, it takes a lot of time to write.

How to write a good synopsis?

There are several tips to follow when writing a synopsis:

Writing a synopsis can be a daunting task, but with the right tips, you can write an effective description of your work.

How do I get my work noticed by publishers?

To attract publishers' attention to your book, be concise. Avoid excessive details and explanations. Remember that publishers are looking for interesting stories, so briefly describe the problem and how the main characters solve it. Avoid passive voice and use active voice. For example, writing “it was decided to visit this or that place” is not quite right, instead write: the main character visited that place…

Intriguing synopses attract the attention of publishers. Provide enough information, but do not reveal the plot completely.

Publishers need writers with their own style. So show your writing skills and don’t borrow ideas from other authors. Write in the way that comes naturally to you - then your style will be different from that of other writers.

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