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August 12, 2023

Logline references

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A logline is a short textual description of a script or work intended to quickly convey its essence. The logline focuses on key elements such as the plot, main characters, ideas, and atmosphere of the work. Its purpose is to provide a clear picture of the script, simplifying the choice and decision on its further development or adaptation.

Producers who decide whether to make a screenplay into a movie have to spend a lot of time to choose the best one. However, screenwriters and authors send in so many works that if producers and directors were to read everything, they simply would not have time to do their job. That is why quite often, in order to quickly familiarize themselves with the author’s work, they are asked to send a logline.

What does a logline look like?

If you take a closer look at what a logline is, it is a short description that can consist of a couple of sentences. The task of the logline is to convey the main idea or intrigue of the movie. The logline must answer the following questions:

The most important goal of the logline is to interest the producer and director so that they want to film your work. These people should want to read the entire script. The logline helps you focus on the main storyline. It is important to put the whole meaning of the work in just a couple of sentences.

What should you consider before writing a logline?

To make the logline successful and interesting, you should pay attention to the following features:

Also, it is better to avoid any moral teachings in your blog post. As they are unlikely to appeal to the reader. The text should be concise, but not dry and boring. It is important to define the target audience and the genre of work.

What is the difference between a logline and a synopsis?

If you want to win a screenwriting contest, you need to prepare a synopsis in addition to the logline. This way, it will be possible to understand whether the script corresponds to the logline. A synopsis is a brief description of the script that shows the storyline and identifies the main characters. The synopsis can be one page long. Compared to a logline, a synopsis is a more detailed description. It conveys the plot of a story. It is worth noting that a synopsis and a logline cannot be the same.

Quite often, synopses are compared to trailers. When we want to know what a movie is about, we watch a trailer. Usually, it helps us to know whether the whole movie will be interesting for us. It’s the same with the synopsis, but it exists for directors who make conclusions about the script. It helps to quickly select the right works that the producer thinks will be successful among the audience.

What should a synopsis look like?

For a successful synopsis, you need:

Just like the logline, the synopsis has a certain list of questions it should answer:

In general, a synopsis can be up to one page in length, but it can also be presented in a few paragraphs.

The most important thing is that the synopsis is very easy to understand and can be easily shared with another person. An extended synopsis of several pages can be presented if you already have an interested person. If they are willing to spend time reading a long synopsis. Even in this case, you should describe the main storylines and episodes in the movie in detail.

Introduce your character, their desires, and key events in one sentence. Make an effort to ensure that your text answers three questions in just 30 words or less. Remember, the strength of your logline can affect your fate and the success of your project. Good luck!

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