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January 9, 2023

What is a video infographic?

Posted on January 9, 2023  •  3 minutes  • 474 words  • Other languages:  Русский, Українська
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Video infographics is one of the most interesting multimedia tools that allows you to present maximum information to the audience through hand-drawn images and textual explanations. Ideal for commercials about the company, corporate and presentation films. This is a relatively new direction in video production and graphic design.

The creation of infographics requires high professionalism, thanks to which even content that is of little interest to a mass audience can be dressed in an attractive form.

Infographics is a great opportunity to present the entire production cycle or the dynamics of the development of any process, post survey results or ratings, draw a map or directions, decompose cars or machines, etc. Almost any information containing any specific data can be demonstrated using infographics or 3D graphics. By the way, the very process of creating infographics can be perfectly illustrated with its own tools!

Benefits of Video Infographics

Using a minimal set of tools, creating infographics allows you to place very large amounts of information in a compact form.

Infographics can be made as a separate independent video or included in the video. In the second option, infographics make it possible to significantly reduce the duration of the video, because one graphic image contains information that would require several frames to demonstrate.

The combination of infographics and other visualization tools within one video is quite justified, as they complement each other perfectly. The ability to show what cannot be seen with the naked eye.

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