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January 9, 2023

What are video references and why are they needed?

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Reference (eng. reference – help, footnote) – an auxiliary video that an artist or designer watches before starting a project in order to better study the details, get additional information, ideas. In professional slang, it sounds like “ref” or “ref”.

In creating a video, references are used in different ways. So, for example, at the stage of script writing and storyboarding, references are used to more specifically demonstrate the idea of ​​the author to the customer and the video studio.

The reference also helps the customer to see in what style of filming the video studio is going to implement the commercial. Such references can be shown both in the form of photographs and in the form of a compilation of films, clips and other videos. Using only references, you can discuss the angle of the demonstration of goods, characters, color correction.

Reference example

Let’s imagine a situation. For example, in the script there is – “a girl is sitting in the room”, and if this is an essential moment for the plot or atmosphere, then the reference will enable everyone to see what exactly is meant. In this case, the image is something like a visual brief that both parties approve.


All video presentations should always include references. References will make it clear that you communicate in the same language with the customer or with the team. On the basis of references, you can coordinate locations, characters, the atmosphere of the video, visual techniques, and other points.

Careful selection of references at the pre-production stage helps to avoid many mistakes in the final result.

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