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January 9, 2023

What is a moodboard?

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Moodboard (eng. Moodboard) – literally, this is a mood board, in commercials it is a slideshow that demonstrates the future mood of the video. Also, in addition to creating an atmosphere, the moodboard helps to communicate with the client in one language. By approving it, the client confirms the right direction and vision for the future of the video. Thus, the customer and the video studio avoid the risks of disagreements. Seeing the whole picture is the most valuable result that can be obtained in the end.

What is a moodboard?

How to create a moodboard?

The easiest way to make a moodboard / moodboard is to find suitable pictures on the Internet and assemble a slideshow or pdf presentation from them. But we will tell a more worthwhile option a little further, but for now, a few recommendations for choosing content. If suddenly in google pictures you can’t find the necessary options on the topic, then you should look at photo stocks. By the way, it is not at all necessary to buy photos without watermarks, you can download preview pictures.

It is best to select different options according to the motion vector, size, color, etc. After all, it is often unknown how you want to change slides during the creative compilation process.

After collecting the pictures, you need to pick up the music. It won’t be as effective without music. In this case, you can not worry about copyright and also use the tracks of famous artists, the main thing is to create a mood.

So, when the pictures and the music track are already there, you can start editing. We at Alpina Production work with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, but there is no difference in the programs for this kind of editing.

We load photos and music into the program and mount them the way it will be in time in the future video. For example, if a woman stands with a glass of juice for 5 seconds, then a photo with a woman should have the same duration. Try to edit to the rhythm of your audio track, this will improve the effect on the viewer.

What not to do in moodboard?

A moodboard needs to be clear to the viewer, so we’ve compiled a list of things to avoid:

  • Identical or similar pictures;
  • Complex associative schemes;
  • Frames that are not suitable in spirit and meaning.
  • When creating a moodboard, it is better to focus on conciseness and clarity. It is much better if the main idea is visible in your video clip, and the logic of actions is also clear. An excellent result of the made moodboard / moodboard is when the customer can claim without any problems that everything is clear to him and he agrees with everything from the material he has seen.

Benefits of using a moodboard:

  • Correct discussion of the goals of the project;
  • Predicting the result of a video clip;
  • Correction of errors at the planning stage;
  • Confidence that it will not be necessary to make unnecessary edits;
  • Healthy nervous system of the performer and the customer.

Such a tool as a moodboard has been used relatively recently, but already now it can be argued that it is very useful and effective in communications between customers and performers.

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