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January 9, 2023

What is a video brief?

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A brief is a list of questions about your video that you need to answer. The more detailed all sections of the brief are spelled out, the faster and better the work will go.

Before ordering a video shoot for a business, you should specify the goals that should be realized with the help of the video. For example, increasing loyalty, increasing sales, training staff – the main thing is that the task must be specific.

Writing a brief will be simple if the customer takes into account the above points.

At the beginning of creating a video, the approved script is important, the definition of the video format is 2D animation, 3D animation, video with animation moments or without it. All this is prescribed in the brief by the customer or the studio according to the customer.

In the brief for creating a video, you can also indicate examples of successful videos, which will determine some direction in the production of a video.

Only after a successfully completed stage of preparation does the technical part of creating a video begin – filming and post-production or the work of a graphic designer when ordering animation.

Preparation is a guarantee of success

The brief is the initial and very important stage of work in the production of a video. The script is written later, when the goal has already been set.

Very often, customers consider the script as the main stage, but in reality it all starts with the development of a brief for the production of a video.

Why else is it worth filling out a brief?

For a clear calculation of the project budget, you will receive a detailed unique commercial offer, in which we will describe all the options for its implementation, the advantages of each option and their differences from each other. There will also be a budget and timelines.
You will have a document in hand that allows you to calculate the budget, timing and options for implementing the video in another company, while saving time on re-writing briefs from other studios.
Even before the launch of the project, the brief can be used to create concepts for a video or even a full-scale scenario plan.

The more specific you define the task, the better it will be translated into reality and the faster you will recoup the investment in the project. Properly scheduled terms of reference improve the quality of work by an order of magnitude and significantly reduce the deadlines.

The brief enables the customer and the video studio to avoid conflict situations, “understand each other” and save time.

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