So why are short videos so popular and how to use them wisely so that social media marketing works?

Why short videos are trending

It is known that more than half of people (65% to be exact) are visuals. Add another 30% of audios to them and get 95% of users who would rather watch a video than read a text.

The level of concentration of users of social networks is constantly decreasing. Therefore, when creating videos, duration plays a very important role. The faster and lighter the content, the more likely it is to engage viewers. Short videos have time to grab the attention of users before they scroll further.

Growth in user engagement

According to HubSpot, 55% of users watch videos on social networks to the end – but still this is the best indicator among all types of content. And short videos are just a double win for your SMM.

According to research by Brightcove, short social media videos get 1200% more shares than posts with text and pictures. And likes and shares increase the organic reach of publications and improve brand awareness in social networks.

Increasing traffic to the site

A high-quality short video attracts attention, interests, and most importantly, motivates you to learn more about your business. Add a link to a website or an interactive button in the description – and you will get a noticeable increase in traffic from social networks. An increase in the level of trust in the brand

Video content brings a brand closer to potential customers. Short and catchy videos convey your values ​​to the audience, solve problems, educate, motivate and even have fun. All this in the future builds positive and trusting relationships with customers.

Increase conversions and sales

According to 70% of marketers and entrepreneurs, videos drive more conversions than other types of content.

Make a quality call to action, and the video will convert more potential customers into your customers. This will immediately affect sales – video marketing increases the income of companies by 49% per year, unlike those who do not use it.

как использовать короткие видео

What is important in making short videos?


It is known that the less time a viewer spends watching a video, the better it works. What is the optimal length of a video in social networks? According to Wistia research, the optimal length of a video is up to 2 minutes, and then the interest of viewers decreases every moment. BuzzSumo has almost the same results – according to their data, more users are attracted to videos of 60-90 seconds.


AOL research has shown that quality is also a key characteristic of a video. More than half of the respondents (namely 58%) answered that they lose patience and turn off the video if the quality does not suit them.

Call to action

A quality call to action is the link between the video and the useful action you expect from the user. You can shoot amazing videos with thousands of likes and hundreds of reposts. But if you don’t suggest the next step after watching, you’re making a big mistake.

What to offer the user? Ask to comment on the publication, go to the site, register, call, whatever. Develop a relationship with a potential client to convert it into a real one.

TOP 3 platforms for publishing short videos

Now video content is supported by all popular social networks. But this does not mean that you can create a video and just upload it everywhere. Each site has features that should be taken into account in order for your SMM to give results.


According to Animoto, Facebook is the best platform for video promotion – 8.4 times more effective than others. The autorun function also played a role here. And recently, Facebook also announced its own video platform Watch – an analogue of Youtube – which will be convenient for marketers and business owners.

Here are some tips for integrating short videos on Facebook:

According to research by Digiday, 85% of viewers watch videos without sound. Be sure that your video is perceived even without audio accompaniment. Or add subtitles to it.
Facebook ranks its own videos higher than links. According to Social Bakers, an uploaded video will receive 10 times more reach than a link to a video hosting site.
In addition to regular videos, try new Facebook video formats. Not all entrepreneurs have implemented them in their SMM. So you have the opportunity to stand out from your competitors.

Online broadcasts

According to statistics, users comment on online inclusions 10 times more often than regular videos. Popular live events last an average of 20 minutes. But with a maximum broadcast duration of 4 hours, even this is relatively fast. In this format, it is good to cover the organization of events, answer questions or quickly share something relevant with subscribers.

Panoramic 360° videos

This format allows you to change the viewing angle when viewing. According to research by YuMe, 36% of viewers say they are more interested in 360° videos than regular videos. In this format, it is good to shoot locations – an office, a store, a venue for an event. But be aware that you need a special camera to shoot.

как использовать короткие видео


According to Brand Networks, the share of video ads on this social network has grown to 65% over the past year. Competing for user attention has become more difficult. It is important that the video content is concise and catchy. Appeal to emotions – intrigue, fascinate, laugh, provoke and entertain.

Duration plays a major role in creating videos for Instagram. Short videos can be posted as a regular video in the feed (60 seconds) or in a disappearing story format (10 seconds). But a live broadcast (also disappearing, by the way) can be conducted up to 1 hour.


Youtube is now the 2nd most visited website in the world after Google. According to statistics, users watch about a billion hours (!) of video every day.

This platform specializes in video, so the requirements for video quality are higher here than in other social networks. But the duration is not so important – opening Youtube, the user is already ready to spend time here.

On Youtube, your video competes with others while watching. It distracts viewers, makes them forget about you and leave to watch cat videos. How to keep them?

Create the most useful content: training videos, reviews, etc. Make sure that the video engages from the very first seconds.

Work on a name that will be relevant to user requests.
Make a quality description – this will attract the target audience.
Choose an eye-catching frame for the intro.

So, we have learned why and where it is worth publishing video content so that your SMM gives results. Now let’s look at examples of how to create short videos in a way that will interest your subscribers.

We guarantee high-quality video content for the development of your business.

1. Educate viewers

Educational videos are always top content. Imagine being able to learn something new in 2 minutes without much effort. Cool? And your viewers will love it. But teach only what you are a pro at. If you are engaged in building materials, show how to properly glue wallpaper in an apartment.

2. Present your product

This is the main thing that comes to mind for those who sell a particular product. Of course, to inform about the product is important and necessary. But among the many video reviews, it is important to stand out and be remembered by users. Come up with an unconventional approach to the presentation to beat the competition.

Remember that this format can easily turn into intrusive and uninteresting advertising. To avoid this, talk not about the product, but about the benefits that it gives.

3. Show off your abilities

Another option to demonstrate professionalism is to show what you are capable of. Do you do interior design? Then make a “before” and “after” video and show how they turned an old apartment into a cozy hi-tech corner. The audience must make sure that if they contact, then only to you.

4. Consult on choice

This method is something between a training video and a product demonstration. It is often difficult for the user to make the right choice when it comes to buying. Help him and he will be grateful to you.

Tell the basic principles of choice, share your personal experience. So the user will receive both valuable advice (which is important for him), and a portion of native brand advertising (which is important for you) in the form of a logo, interactive buttons, etc.

5. Make an announcement of events

If you regularly organize events, use video invitations. This format is more personal – as if you are personally inviting users to join you.

Inform why it is worth participating, what will be interesting, and be sure to make a call to action – for example, offer to register.

6. Show the “behind the scenes” of your company

You can show video reviews and shoot expert videos, but still not win over users. And you can publish a video of how the whole team, including the founder, is working on the packaging of a huge order – and you will be respected.

Show what’s going on behind the scenes of the business, and you “revive” your company. It is important for clients to know that you are “their” – you like to joke, mess around, and sometimes work late.

7. Introduce viewers to your team

People love to work with people they know. Therefore, it is so important to share your values, explain why you are better than others and who is responsible for the main stages of work in the company.

You can shoot a general video about the company or a small blog where you introduce users to each member of the team.

8. Share positive feedback

Video reviews are an important marketing tool. Demonstrating how you solve real people’s problems is the best way to build trust with potential customers.

Both your client’s feedback and your story about the work done will be effective.

9. Share information and be helpful

Even if you don’t have a product, event, team or panoramic camera at hand, shoot anyway. Share valuable ideas on the topic, tell the news – in general, just be present in the feed and be useful.
10. Appeal to emotions

When you appeal to reason, you are selling a product. Such relationships will end as soon as it becomes more profitable to buy from competitors. But if you appeal to emotions, you are selling value. This helps build a unique relationship with the audience and turn customers into real fans.

With the help of video content, you can make customers more loyal to your brand. Therefore, do not only teach and sell, but please and inspire.


Successful entrepreneurs are already making full use of video content in SMM. Be trendy too!

Explore all the ways you can create quality short videos and see how effective social media marketing can be.

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