A corporate video is a video about a company created to maintain a business image and present your company to a target audience. In a corporate film, you can visually inform about your work experience, innovations, competitive advantages and plans for the future.

A video about a company is usually created with a duration of 3 to 40 minutes – the choice depends on what task the corporate film should solve. Ideally, you should have several videos and films about the company of different duration so that you can show them depending on the occasion: at a meeting with partners, at a presentation, exhibition or conference. The cost of a corporate film depends on the script, after the approval of which the duration and locations of filming, the complexity of dubbing, etc. are finally determined.

Today, a corporate film about a company is an integral part of business culture. The reality is that at the very first stage of its development of any organization, regardless of the scope and scale of activity, it is worth creating a corporate video. As an option, you can shoot a corporate film about your current activities or a presentation video about the release of new products, prepare a video for participation in an exhibition or for presentation to your partners and customers, or record interviews with top officials of the company. The possibilities of modern video production are almost limitless, so it is quite easy to solve any problem and implement a project of any complexity.